• Roberto Brant - "We are increasingly characterized as a country that maybe won’t work””


  • Leonardo Albernaz - Secretary of Governmental Macro evaluation - Tax Rules and Public Choices: Risks and Opportunities in 2019


  • Second Cecap meeting: performance evaluation and planning of next actions
  • TCU promotes a graduate program in social justice, crime, and human rights
  • Implementation of the e-Pessoal system
  • Public Dialogue: “Discussion of Draft Bill (PL) 7.448/2017”




  • Organizational Governance applied to Public Health -  Ana Maria Alves Ferreira; Carlos Renato Araujo Braga; Luiz Gustavo Gomes Andrioli; Jonas Marcondes de Lira
  • Evaluation of fiscal authority: the IFI case in the Federal Senate - Heloisa Rodrigues da Rocha
  • Minimum time of debarment to discourage corruption: the Operation Car Wash case - Rafael Martins Gomes
  • Notarial Minutes as Evidence of the Physical Execution of Social and Cultural Projects funded with Public Resources - Wilson Issamu Yamada
  • The Constitutional Jurisdiction over the Authority of the Courts of Accounts in light of Constitutional Hermeneutics - Lorena Lyra; Mayara de Andrade Santos Travassos
  • Overview on the participation and contracting of micro and small enterprises in online procurement of foodstuffs: case study of Centro de Preparação de Oficiais da Reserva de Belo Horizonte (Reserve Officer Training Center of Belo Horizonte) in the period from 2007 to 2015 - Felipe José Ansaloni Barbosa; Wendel Alex Castro Silva
  • Management adjustment terms: perspectives for consensual external control - Daniela Zago Gonçalves da Cunda; Fernando Simões dos Reis